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Carrier Systems

The product range of Wiechers Carrier Systems is divided into three main groups:
  • Cargo Carrier System - Structure for flatbed trucks (TÜV certified safety with ABE),
  • Cargo Securing (Lashing straps and accessories according to DIN EN 12195-2),
  • Transport Boxes/Cargo Boxes (Weatherproof metal transport boxes).


  • Our straps are TÜV-tested and comply with DIN EN 12195-2.
  • You can identify the tensile force of each strap by the indication on the blue label or by the black lines on the webbing.
    • Example of a blue label: LC. 2,000 daN  
    • One line represents 500 kg of tensile force in a straight pull!  
  • LC = Lashing Capacity / Permissible tensile force in a straight pull
  • daN = deka Newton = 1 daN = 10 Newton = 1.0 kg 
    • Example: 1,000 daN corresponds to approximately 1,000 kg.


  1. Always secure your load in all directions
    Objects are exposed to various forces. When braking, the load tends to slide forward, when accelerating, it tends to move backward, and during curves, it moves in the opposite direction to the curve.
  2. Secure only tilt- and stability-proof items
    Stabilize "wobbly" loads with supports and blockades, e.g., made of wood. We recommend securing the load either against the front wall or against securely attached blockades.
  3. Provide edge protection
    Sharp edges can permanently damage or even destroy the lashing material. Under certain circumstances, the load itself can also be damaged without edge protection.
  4. Secure heavy loads as well
    Even seemingly securely positioned, heavy loads can shift because it's not the weight or size of a load that determines its stability, but the force acting upon it.
  5. Use lashing materials appropriately
    Always ensure that your lashing material is suitable for your application in terms of type and design. Ensure that the lashing material lies completely flat, is not knotted or twisted, and do not extend it.
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