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Certainly, that's not a problem. Please send us 3-4 pictures of your roll bar / roll cage, along with the details of your vehicle and your address via email. Once we have successfully verified this information, we will issue you an invoice for 40.00 EUR, which should be paid in advance. Once the payment is made, we will promptly dispatch the documents to your provided address.
Our custom-made roll bars and roll cages typically require about 4 weeks for production and fabrication after your order is placed. Each individual roll bar and roll cage is carefully handcrafted. However, it's important to note that delivery times may vary slightly during particularly high-demand periods. Therefore, customers should consider and plan for possible minor deviations in delivery time when placing their orders.
In most cases, we keep all strut bars in stock, except for the Racingline strut bars that are coated with carbon fiber. For the latter, the usual delivery time typically takes about 4 weeks from the time of ordering.
Our roll bars, clubsport bars, and roll cages do not come with General Operating Permits (ABE) or component certificates. However, we provide a material certificate and a nameplate for each of these roll bars, clubsport bars, and roll cages. With these documents, registration can be completed.
Our strut bars do not have either a General Operating Permit (ABE) or component certificates. Instead, we issue a certificate of non-objection for each individual strut bar. This certificate serves as proof that our strut bars comply with the necessary safety standards and are suitable for use on public roads. Our customers can use this certificate of non-objection to confirm the legality of using our strut bars with local authorities. However, we recommend consulting with the relevant authorities or professionals in their country to inquire about specific regulations and requirements to ensure that the use of our products complies with applicable laws.
Our roll bars, clubsport bars, and roll cages are painted in a deep black color corresponding to RAL 9005.
Our strut bars are painted in a vibrant crimson red color according to the RAL 3002.
Our aluminum Racingline strut bars receive a glossy finish through polishing, and the mounting plates are painted in a deep black (RAL 9005). This not only gives the parts an appealing appearance but also protects them from corrosion and environmental factors.
Our Racingline carbon-look strut bars are coated with genuine carbon fiber, and the mounting plates are painted in deep black RAL 9005. This not only provides a stylish appearance but can also enhance vehicle performance by improving stability and handling. It's important to correctly install the strut bar to achieve the desired results and ensure safety.
When installing a Wiechers Sport Clubsport roll bar, it is not necessary to drill holes in the vehicle. Instead, the bar is attached to the existing seat belt mounting points in the vehicle.
This information is crucial for us, please specify it with every order of a roll bar, clubsport roll bar, or roll cage.
This information is very important for us, please provide it with every order of a roll bar, clubsport roll bar, or roll cage.
If you have lost screws and mounting plates for your roll bar or roll cage, please email us. Don't forget to attach pictures of the roll bar or roll cage and vehicle data.
If you would like to make a return, we kindly ask you to contact us in advance via the email address "". Once you have contacted us, we will get back to you promptly. Please note that we do not accept packages sent freight collect.
If you require an “H” certification, please send us a written request. We are happy to assist you if you provide us with all relevant information. For further questions or information, feel free to contact us.
If you wish to offer our products as a reseller, please send us an email with your company details and your business license. We will then get in touch with you to discuss the details.
No, we do not automatically provide a DMSB/FIA certificate. We cannot issue such a certificate for every cage. Before placing an order, we ask you to contact us to clarify whether a certificate is available for the cage you have selected.
How long is the padding material?
Our standard padding material comes in 2000 mm long pieces, while the padding material complying with FIA regulations has a length of 915 mm per unit.
Our standard padding material comes in 2000 mm long pieces, while the padding material complying with FIA regulations has a length of 915 mm per unit.
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