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Strut bars front & rear / Info

Easy to install-no operating permit required (*)

(*) Based on German-Law: Please check if installing strut braces complies with national law before placing an order



Racing-Line is our brand of high quality strut braces made of laser-cut mounting parts and CNC-lathed thread pieces. Thus precise adjustment is guaranteed. Racing-Line products are available either made of high gloss polished aluminum or with an aluminum core coated with high quality carbon fiber.




Information about strut braces

Strut braces provide additional stability to the car body. This results in more precise steering and improved directional stability due to reduced torsion of the car body.

Wiechers strut braces are adapted to serial-production vehicles. They are absolutely true to size and made of high quality materials. We offer strut braces either made of steel vanished red or made of high gloss polished aluminum.



Informationen about rear strut braces

Rear strut braces are either placed between or on top the rear wheel-house. The effects on the handling performance are mentioned above.